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Holiday Wish List

Holiday Wish List

Well folks, it’s that time of year again. Holiday season has arrived, and with it that annual panic to find the perfect gifts for your favorite anglers. Don’t fret if you feel a little overwhelmed by the task, however, for we’ve got your back here at White Water Outfitters with something for just about every angler no matter their skill level or target preference. From freshwater fans to those who pursue their dreams in the surf, bay, sound, nearshore and even offshore waters you’ll find plenty of reels, rods, tackle and gear here even for piscators who have seemingly more tackle than they’ll ever need.

So, then, lets get to it with a selection of products guaranteed to break out some smiles. If you need more help, just stop in the shop or visit us online at www.whitewateroutfitters.com. We’ll ask a couple of quick questions to help size-up your angler’s needs and then turn you on to some great gift choices.



Daiwa’s BG MQ spinning reel series really is a game changer. It packs exceptional power, smoothness and durability into a lightweight framework that’s surprisingly affordable, relatively lightweight and available in models designed to match everything from weakfish, fluke, false albacore and stripers to mahi, tuna and more.

Featuring a Monocoque design, the reel body serves as a stiff and distortion-proof frame which is handy and compact while offering more power, greater torque and gears that are 20% to 40% larger than the competition. All this without increasing the reel’s size. The gears also feature a larger tooth pattern that prolongs gear life up to three times that of the competition. Sealed tighter than a clam’s behind, this reel’s water resistance is also superb. Sizes run from 2500 to 20000 to cover the entire spectrum of East Coast fishing. Price: $199.99 - $279.99



Let’s face it, you can’t have too many fishing rod and reel combos. Still, you’ll want to choose from the best and it’s tough to beat the Saint Croix line-up. Consider St. Croix’s Sole Saltwater Fishing Systems, for example. All-new, they’re designed for anglers seeking precision-balanced, elevated, and handcrafted performance in a pre-matched inshore spinning rod and reel from a trusted brand. Four lightweight, balanced, versatile and powerful Sole models feature St. Croix’s newest formulation of sensitive and durable SCII carbon – further strengthened with FRS technology – matched with smooth, lightweight and rock-solid saltwater-proven Sole spinning reels. Price: $225 to $250.

St. Croix’s X-Trek  (pronounced cross-trek) Spinning Combos for freshwater are equally impressive. Designed for anglers who want to travel light yet still target trophies, these combos ensure you’ll always have a quality rod-and-reel setup ready when you hit that largemouth, bronzeback or trophy trout bucket-list destination.

Perfectly balanced and super-sensitive, X-Trek Spinning Combos offer a sturdy, versatile reel built on a tough composite frame with a lightweight, braid-ready aluminum spool. Sound and durable, the reels feature a stainless-steel main shaft and 5+1 ball bearing system with instant anti-reverse and a rubber handle grip. The 2-piece rod embodies St. Croix's signature craftsmanship as it's built on a quality SCII carbon fiber blank, has stainless-steel guides with aluminum oxide rings, a lightweight nylon reel seat, and comfortable agglomerated cork split-grip handles. Price: $225 to $250.



Temple Fork Outfitters (TFO) rods are big sellers here at White Water, and with good reason. With sophisticated and elegant designs at a fair price, they combine super performance with extreme durability across a wide range of fishing scenarios. The new Tactical Inshore Series is about as good as things get. Newly redesigned, these specialized saltwater rods are built for accomplished inshore anglers hoping to find a rod series that fits every need - no matter where they are headed.

Designed to complement the leading-edge terminal tackle and lines of light-tackle enthusiasts, these rods feature soft, fast tips and deep, powerful progressive tapers to deliver better balance, crisper action and weight reductions up to 15% versus comparable models. In short, they are the perfect rod for modern inshore anglers, and are available in both inshore spinning and casting models to cover all local species. 

Tactical Inshore Series rods come with TFO’s sky blue finish, Fuji K Guides with corrosion control and Fazlite inserts, premium cork grips with EVA accents and butts – along with shorter split grips on rods less than 7’and full-length grips on all other models. They also sport a TFO’s lifetime warranty against product defects. Price: $199.95 – $229.95.

Be sure to also check out TFO’s Travel Conventional and Travel Spinning series, too. Traveling with fishing rods has always been a challenge for anglers and finding a quality multi-piece conventional rod with the effortless action of your favorite one-piece has been near impossible. TFO solves the globe-trotting angler’s dilemma with this series of seven-foot, 3-piece spinning and casting rods that mirror the look and feel of the legendary Tactical family of fishing rods. Price: $249.95.

For surf fishing fans, St. Croix’s tech-forward Seage Series is certainly worth a look. It includes 12 two-piece surf rods, each featuring unparalleled strength and durability in a slim and lightweight design. Seage rods begin with a new formulation of premium, light, and sensitive SCII carbon material, which increases flexural strength while reducing weight. From there, St. Croix adds ARTTM for dramatically improved hoop strength and Veil technology to protect against bumps, lure knocks and other impacts. In addition to slim, lightweight performance, extreme strength, and rock-solid durability, surf anglers will appreciate X-Flock-covered slim-diameter handles and Winn® comfort-focused foregrips.  Seage models range from 7’ to 12’ and come in medium-light to heavy powers. Price: $210 to $380.



Fat Cow Flutter Spoons may have been the worst-kept secret for cow bass action this past season. An excellent lure for jigging stripers focused on bunker, herring, shad and other large-profile baitfish, flutter spoons were red hot from late spring through early November as the bunker arrived early and stayed late in our waters. They’re especially popular for use in Raritan Bay and on Long Island’s West End, but they’ll score almost anywhere bunker are prevalent.

Fat Cow Flutter Spoons come in bunker, white pearl and chartreuse color patterns, measure 4 inches long, and weigh 4 ounces each. You’ll especially appreciate the quality hardware on the Fat Cow brand when you open next season with a 40-pounder at the end of the line. Price: $19.99; $59.97 for 4-pack including one of each color.


Wolf Pack Tackle Ahi Heads and Ahi Tails are designed to be the best swimming offshore head and tail combo on the market. Indeed, they drew rave reviews last summer. Whether fishing with a ballyhoo or Wolfpack Ahi Tail, the weighted keel and ballyhoo stabilizer keeps this lure perfectly upright and swimming naturally.

Ahi Heads are designed to be modular and durable. The interchangeable silicon head covers remove the need to worry about the lure being damaged or banging the boat fiberglass. The welded-on silicon eyes mean there’s no glue to fail or paint to chip. The hair is attached to a removable metal collar, which allows you to replace damaged strands and create unique lure color combinations.

The WolfPack Tackle Ahi Head also forms a perfect duo with the Ahi Tail. The tail and head include a unique locking ‘snap fit’ mechanism to make rigging a breeze, and ballyhoo fishing a thing of the past if that’s your wish.

Ahi Heads are available in seven colors and sizes 1oz, 2oz, 3.5oz and 5.5 oz. Ahi Tails come in sizes 7.5” (use with 1- and 2-oz sizes only), and 9.5”. Price: Ahi Heads: $18.99 to $27.99; Ahi Tails: $11.99 - $21.99.

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