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Angling For Father’s Day Gifts


Hard to believe that this Sunday is Father’s Day. Seems the pace of life is quickly picking up now that the pandemic is on the run across our area. What better time, then, to refresh or replenish Dad’s fishing gear with a few simple gifts tailored to the fishing and species he enjoys most. Whether you know exactly what you want or need a little help picking out the ideal gift, we’ve got you covered  at White Water Outfitters with choices that compliment everything from freshwater and inshore action to canyon trips for bigger game – and you can grab and go here at the shop or order online at www.whitewateroutfitters.com.

Of course, you’re running short on time by this point, so let’s keep things relatively simple, short and inexpensive. You can’t go wrong with a couple of Spro bucktails, suggests shop staffer Ethan Ostrander. If Dad enjoys fishing shallow water bays for fluke, weakfish and stripers, grab a couple of white, chartreuse or hot pink Spro bucktails in the ½-, 1- and 2-ounce size and pair them with a pack or container of 4- to 6-inch Berkley Gulp! Swimming Mullets, Jigging Grubs or Saltwater Jerk Shads. White, chartreuse, pink and nuclear chicken are the Gulp colors any Dad will welcome. 

For ocean fluke, jumbo sea bass and stripers, you’ll want to go a little larger with the Spros, so bump your bucktail and Gulp! sizes up to 2- to 6-ounces and 5- to 6-inch lengths. Another great match for bucktails meant for stripers is Fat Cow Jig Strips and Split Tail Jig Strips in 5-1/2-inch to 7-1/2-inch lengths depending on the jig size. White and red are the usual favored trailer colors, but we also have a supply of Fat Cow’s limited edition Sand Eel Green Jig Strips, and you can bet those will be a hot ticket later this summer as the sand eels move in tight to shore.

Looking for a solid saltwater reel that can pull double-duty in the surf or from a boat? Then consider the Penn Slammer III. It’s has a well-earned reputation for dependability, a sealed body that keeps water out of the gear box and drag system to reduce saltwater corrosion, and a drag that’s both smooth and strong. Models SLAIII3500 and SLA4500 serve nicely with fluke, scup, weakfish and school stripers but you might want to go a little larger if Dad spends a lot of time working big water for cow linesiders, bruiser blues, blackfish and offshore sea bass. Match any of these reels to a new 7-foot or larger St. Croix Triumph or Mojo inshore spinning rod and you’ll have a really nice outfit that sure to bring some smiles.

On the freshwater front, the Penn Battle III 2500 or 3000 can handle any fish our local lakes have to offer. Go with the smaller size if trout and panfish are your favorite targets or the larger one to tackle bass, pickerel and even carp.

While big ticket items like reels and rods are always a hit, simple terminal tackle is also key to angling success. For a worthy yet inexpensive gift, try restocking a few of Dad’s basic supplies. Tactical Angler Power Clips allow for fast and easy changes of lures. Made from thick stainless-steel wire to provide maximum strength and durability they simply make life easier. The 50-pound-test size is ideal for most inshore saltwater situations.

Bank sinkers are another item inshore anglers can’t live without, especially those who enjoy fishing for porgy, fluke, sea bass and blackfish. A couple handfuls of  2- to 6-ounce weights can cover most fishing situations without taxing your wallet much at all.

Lastly, consider diamond or “tin” jigs as a topper for any saltwater purchase. Deadly Dick Long Casting Jigs are the standard for chasing false albacore in the fall, and plain diamond jigs without tails are universal in their ability to draw vicious strikes for predators ranging from weakfish, stripers and blues to mahi, tuna and other offshore species. 

Still have questions? Just give us a call or stop by and we’ll help narrow your search. With a little guidance from our highly experienced team, you’ll shop stress-free so you can get on with having a great day with Dad.

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