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Fishing Charters

Not only do we sell fishing tackle and boats, but we'll also show you how to use them. Here at WWO, our team of professionals includes captains and guides for diverse fishing experiences throughout the course of our season.

To book a trip, or for more information, give us a call at 631-594-3336, or shoot us an email at info@whitewateroutfitters.com!


Bryce Poyer

Bryce holds a U.S. Coast Guard 200 ton Masters License and currently runs charters on his custom 2022 Conch 27' center console, and 2021 Maverick 18' HPX-V. His charters cover everything from light tackle/fly fishing in the backwaters/flats, live baiting stripers, big game tuna fishing, and everything in between. 

Jeff Lomonaco

Jeff holds a U.S. Coast Guard OUPV Captain's license, and is a New York State Licensed Guide. He currently offers trips on his 1995 Hewes Bayfisher, a classic 18' flats skiff for light tackle/fly fishing. His guiding covers backwater casting for stripers and bluefish on fly and light spinning gear, sight-fishing on the flats, and open-water blitz fishing for stripers and false albacore in the fall. He also does some shore-based and freshwater guiding on occasion. 


Flats/Bay Skiff Experiences:

Flats skiffs offer a truly intimate fishing experience for technical anglers. These are stealthy crafts, designed to be quiet when stalking fish in the back bays and flats while using a push pole, electric trolling motor, or when staked out fishing stationary. Both Bryce and Jeff's 18' flats boats have clean layouts, and are built with shallow water sight-fishing, and backwater fly/light-tackle casting for striped bass and bluefish in mind. In the fall, we sometimes fish for albies in the inlet/bay on these skiffs. Generally, these trips are geared towards more experienced anglers. However, beginners looking to improve their skill with light spinning tackle and fly gear will also enjoy the learning and fishing experience that these trips have to offer.

• Half-Day (4 Hours) - $550

• Full Day (6 Hours) - $800 

 Target Species:

  • Striped Bass - April through mid-November
  • Bluefish - May through mid-June is peak season for big backwater trophy blues (fall/summer fishing for mostly "normal" fish)
  • False Albacore - September - Late October (highly conditions dependent for fishing them on the small skiffs).

Nearshore Boat Experiences:

Inshore fishing on the custom Conch 27. This high speed 27' Center Console experience can accommodate families, experienced technical anglers, fishermen that want to bring dinner home, and everything in between. On this boat, you can fish live bait for stripers, cast lures & flies, jig for fluke, and many other things. This is also the perfect platform for fishing fall run albie/bass blitzes in the open ocean. On these trips, you can focus on honing your skills on your own, or bring the whole family along. There’s room for up to 4 passengers on these trips, depending on the type of fishing that you're looking to do. 

• Half-Day (4 Hours) - $750

• Full Day (6 Hours) - $1100 

 Target Species:

  • Striped Bass - May through November
  • Bluefish - May through October
  • Fluke (Summer Flounder) - May through October
  • Black Sea Bass - June to December (depending on seasonal regulations)
  • False Albacore - September to Late October
  • Weakfish - Late April through June

Offshore Boat Experiences:

Big fish, big fun! If you're looking to battle with bluewater species, like tunas, sharks, and billfish, this is for you. Bryce's Conch 27 is a fast, comfortable, ocean-worthy center console. This fishing experience can be anything you want to make of it for up to 3 passengers. Depending on your preference, these experiences can be laid back trolling/drifting, intense “run and gun” style fishing with jigging and casting, or a good mix of all techniques.

• Day Trip Tuna/Shark (9 Hours) - $1800 

Target Species:

  • Bluefin Tuna - May through October
  • Yellowfin Tuna - July through October
  • Shark (Mako, Thresher, Blue, etc.)  - June to October
  • Mahi-Mahi - July through September

*All trips feature state-of-the-art tackle, and professional guides/captains. All bait/tackle necessary is included with the experience as well as fish cleaning services. While not included, 15-20% gratuity is customary for your captain and/or mates. 


2021 Maverick 18 HPX-V

Bryce's flats skiff is a modern technical flats boat for fishing backwater/flats. This skiff is stable, dry-riding, and features a clean fly fishing friendly layout. It is extremely stealthy when poling, using an electric trolling motor, or staking out in the shallows where the fish are spooky.

2022 Conch 27

Bryce's custom Conch 27 center console is the ultimate boat for inshore and offshore fishing. This boat will get you to the fishing grounds fast, but is also extremely comfortable. Especially since it has a SeaKeeper gyro stabilizer built into the hull, which reduces the rocking and rolling to almost nothing in rough conditions. This is a true custom purpose-built center console, made with serious fishermen in mind.
1995 Hewes Bayfisher 18
Jeff's skiff is a classic Hewes Bayfisher "lappy hull" - the skiff that started it all for saltwater fly anglers. This versatile 18 foot flats boat is known for it's solid construction, and it has a bit of a cult following. In our fishery, it's an excellent boat because it runs well in big water, while also retaining the ability to be stealthy in the shallows. With a new 2022 Mercury 115 on the back, it is a reliable and deadly flats/bay fishing machine.