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WWO Quarantine Scavenger Hunt!

WWO Quarantine Scavenger Hunt!


With the current state of our world on lockdown, we’re all quite bored. Luckily (if you haven’t started already yet) we’ll all be doing our own fishing isolation practices soon to ease the pain. ALSO luckily, we’ve found our own little way to give you something to have fun with while “socially distancing” these days. Mostly, because we’re tired of seeing people post push-up videos on The ‘Gram. This little scavenger hunt will not only keep you entertained, but it will give you a chance to WIN BIG (see below).


1ST PLACE 👑 (QUARANTINE KING/QUEEN) - WHITE WATER CUSTOM ROD of your choice ($650 max retail value), and receive an air chest bump from our very own Jeff (from over 6 feet away).

2ND PLACE (AKA 1st Loser 😜)  - $100 WWO GIFT CERTIFICATE + some WWO swag. (AND a 6 foot+ air-five from Jeff.)



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