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Video: Tying the Alphlexo Crab Fly

Video: Tying the Alphlexo Crab Fly

The Alphlexo Crab has become an extremely popular fly pattern for all kinds of flats fishing. This fly was proven on the flats of Alphonse Island (hence the name) in the Seychelles as a permit fly. However, this fly works for just about anything that will eat crabs. Bonefish, striped bass, redfish, and many other species will all have a go at this unique looking crab fly. The video in this blog shows a step-by-step demonstration on how to use our Alphlexo Crab Body Tubing to create this fly. This video was made by our customer Scott Maxwell, you can check it out on YouTube at! .

We sell all of the materials needed to tie an Alphlexo Crab fly on our website and at our retail store. See the list below:

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  • Bryce Poyer