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Holiday Gift Guide 2023

Holiday Gift Guide 2023

Let’s face it, decking that perfect holiday gift for someone special comes with a degree of inherent pressure; that’s just the way the world turns. On the bright side, however, if the person you are shopping for happens to be an angler you at least have an idea of where to start. That’s because no serious fisherperson truly believes he or she has all the piscatorial gear they need. Indeed, there’s always something new to try like the latest hot lure, ultimate fishing rod or toasty yet functional piece of foul weather gear. There are also items that need to be replaced, restocked or repaired, or that simply help move the fishing process smoothly along by adding a degree of organization and storage to the game.

With these thoughts in mind, the staff here at White Water Outfitters has some holiday gift suggestions that are fun, functional and sure to break out the smiles. Check them out and see which are a good fit for the anglers in your life. If you still need help after that, just give us a call or stop by the shop and we’ll help you narrow down the choices.

Personal Best Lures (Starting at $50): Serious striper and bluefish fans will love our brand-new selection of hand-tuned Personal Best wood plugs in four classic styles: Danny Metal-Lipped Swimmers, Pencil Poppers, Poppers and Spook.

The Personal Best Danny Metal-Lipped Swimmer is a surface plug that works especially well when thrown in boulder fields but can also be trolled from a boat. Productive day and night, the 4" size is a favorite for back bay stripers in calm water. The 6" is the perfect size for all-around surf/back bay action. For turning the heads of big fish focused on big baits, step up to the 8” size and hold on tight.

The Personal Best Pencil Popper is designed for long casts and retrieving with plenty of surface splashing and thrashing that big bass and blues simply can’t resist. A long-trusted option in the tackle bags of surfcasters up and down the coast, this lure works best when a slow retrieve speed is combined with a rapid rhythmic pumping of the rod tip. Although widely recognized as a pattern that can wake up the surf, these pencil poppers also draw plenty of strikes for boaters as well. 

Personal Best Poppers are a classic lure design that can light a fire under a school of predators anywhere from the surf’s edge to offshore waters. Featuring great-looking paint jobs with heavy-duty epoxy coating for protection, their 5-inch size is a solid all-around choice for triggering action with gamefish of all sizes and types.

The Personal Best Spook is a popular choice because its erratic zig-zagging walk-the-dog retrieve presents an especially active target predatory species simply can’t resist. With three different sizes available, it can match the hatch spring through fall.

Fishpond Accessory Packs: (Starting at $99.95):

Got a fly-caster on your gift list? If so, be sure to check out our Fishpond accessory products. We have a variety in stock including sling packs, hip packs, waterproof backpacks, duffel bags, and soft coolers. For those on a budget, the Thunderhead Pouch ECO offers complete protection for your angler’s valuables in a compact, easy to manage 11” x 7” x 2.75” package. Large enough to keep your personal items dry but small enough to stay out of the way, it’s a simple stow-and-go answer to staying organized and ready for your next cast.

Need to carry more stuff? At 16” x 9” x 7”, Fishpond’s Thunderhead Submersible Sling ECO provides anglers an over-the-shoulder submersible solution with enough room to include all you’ll need when heading out on – or in – the water. Just sling it over your shoulder or toss it in the boat and hit the surf or a favorite largemouth or trout pond. For more ambitious efforts like heading offshore or overnight boat trips, consider going bigger with Fishpond’s Roll-Top Dry Bag – ECO, Submersible Backpack - ECO  or Thunderhead Submersible Lumbar – ECO packs.

Bajío Sunglasses (Starting at: $199.95): Polarized sunglasses not only help anglers see fish and structure below the water’s surface, they also protect the eyes from sun damage or potential accidents like having a lure with two sets or treble hooks fly back toward your face when you miss an up-close hook-set on a surface feeding bass or blue. Bajío sunglasses are fast building a following in the fishing world thanks to their high quality, blue-blocking, radically clear lenses. Built rugged to endure a season on the water, they also look great and stay on your face when you look down to remove a fish or piece of seaweed from your lure. Fairly priced, you can keep one in the truck and a second pair on the boat. If you’re angler has been especially good this year, team these with a Bajío Sunglasses eyewear Zip Retainer or Mono Keeper.

Simms CX Bibs/Jacket ($499 each): If you really want to make a big holiday splash with your angler, consider giving the gifts of warmth and dryness. Simms is well-known for its comfortable and functional fishing apparel and their CX Fishing Bib and CX Fishing Jacket are top-shelf. Both are designed for passionate anglers with a tendency to test their limits time and again.

Both the Simms CX Bib and CX Fishing Jacket feature a 3-layer, waterproof and breathable main body. The Bib has articulated leg seams and reinforced seat, knee and bottom hem panels to ensure durability - and its front left pocket is constructed with a self-healing zipper for 100% waterproof and dry pocket protection. The CX Fishing Jacket has a 3-point adjustable hood, articulated sleeves with safety reflective hits and hook and loop adjustable cuffs, plus a center front zipper backed with a waterproof storm flap to keep you dry under challenging conditions. Dual horizontal chest pockets constructed with TRU® Zip waterproof self-healing zippers ensure 100% submersible pocket protection. Vertical zippered handwarmer pockets and an interior stretch woven left zippered chest pocket with sunglasses chamois are additional nice touches.

Shimano’s Tonno Large and X-large Offshore Bags; (Starting at $149.99): Anglers who are heavily into the offshore scene will really appreciate these tackle storage and organizational bags. They’re an all-in-one offshore lure carry-all designed with plenty of storage space for the jig and pop crew targeting tuna, mahi or maybe even billfish. Built to safely transport and organize jigs and popping lures within one manageable tackle-storage system, both sizes feature PVC mesh thoughtfully integrated throughout the entire bag for easy rinsing and quick drying of tackle after a successful big game bite. 

The large model is a solid choice for offshore day trips and features hard plastic tubes for quality jig and lure protection, dedicated jig storage slots, plus plenty of pocket space for tools, leader material and terminal tackle. If your offshore angler is the one responsible for making sure everybody on board is fully equipped, opt for the extra-large size. It has pretty much all the features of the large bag plus a spacious center section and custom 3600 tackle box (secured by Velcro to the inside flap) that can be easily removed for quick and easy access. For storing keys, wallets, cell phones and other personal items, the water-resistant outside pocket is another useful feature.

WolfPack Tackle Ahi Casting Lures (starting at $18.99): These are another terrific offshore choice. A great soft-plastic offering with a through-wire design, Ahi Casting Lures stand up to any big game fish encountered in our waters. Each lure comes with a weighted jig head, a silicon tail, and silicon head cover to protect both the lure and your boat. The super-quality locking tail allows multiple fish to be caught using the same tail while heavy duty hooks help ensure anything you stick stays buttoned. 

LT Marine Commercial Harpoons (starting at $29.99): Simply put, you need these for the end game with giant bluefin tuna. These harpoons are heavy, rigged with a retention system, and top quality whether you choose the LT Marine Cable Rigged Bronze Harpoon Dart or LT Marine Dyneema Rigged Bronze Harpoon Dart. Note that replacement pikes are available, and you can buy your harpoons as is, or as a complete set including basket and rope. Talk to our staff for details.

Basic Necessities: Lastly, consider restocking your angler with a few essential items often overlooked until the last minute before a trip. Tactical Angler Power Clips are a great example. At just $5.99 a bag, they make life easier by allowing for quick and easy lure and rig changes. Diamond jigs are another good bet. You can buy them with tube tails or with single unadorned hooks for as little as $2.49. Either way, they are nearly indestructible and a favorite for connecting with stripers, false albacore, weakfish, bluefish, porgies, black sea bass and even codfish, tilefish or tuna. Ask our staff if you need help matching diamond jig weights to the targets your angler loves to pursue.

Here's wishing you all a peaceful and happy holiday season.

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