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Can't Miss Father's Day Gifts


Okay holiday shoppers, if you still haven’t closed the deal on that perfect Father’s Day gift and feel that last-minute pressure closing in on you, we’re here to help. Whether the Dad you’re thinking about loves to fish saltwater or fresh, from shore, surf or boat, shallow flats or the ocean deep, we’ve got gifts that will break out the smiles – all in stock and ready to go. 

Here’s a few best bets that will get you out of the hole and send Pop running for the water to try out his new toy(s). From great reels to top lures, there’s something for everyone here at White Water Outfitters with great Dad’s Day gifts to fit any budget. Stop by the shop to get the day’s show stopper and let our staff help you pick out a couple of extra items to specifically complement your selections. 

Shimano Ocea Jigger Conventional Reels:

From ‘tog to sea bass, stripers, cod and even tilefish, Shimano’s Ocea Jigger conventional reels offer top-shelf performance when slow-pitch jigging. Lightweight for their size and tasks, six sizes allow local anglers to fish in comfort all day long while matching just about any species that swims in local waters. With 15 pounds of drag, the 1500 size is sufficient for most inshore and offshore applications, but sizes range up to 4000 with 40 pounds of drag. A flagship level star drag jigging reel, the Ocea is exceptionally smooth, powerful, and features Shimano’s X-Protect system that enhances durability and water resistance by utilizing a water repellant coating and a labyrinth construction to funnel water and salt away from key parts that often wear out first on other reels. 

All the basics are here and well-designed but it’s the special touches Dad will really appreciate like the adjustable, two-position, long crank handle, a spool lock that allows anglers to more safely break-off snagged lures, and an auto-clutch which easily engages the reel out of free spool to react to quick bites. There’s even an exciting drag sound that warns anglers when they are close to pulling hooks or breaking off. Plenty of bells and whistles, super quality construction and ultimate performance guarantee this gift is a winner. Price: From $539.99.

Fat Cow Fishing Flutter Spoons:

With huge schools of bunker once again flooding our waters, both inside bays and along ocean and Long Island Sound beaches, the phrase “Big Baits, Big Fish” is right on target. You can bet big stripers, bluefish and even cobia will be stalking those pods and Fat Cow Flutter Spoons are just what you need to match the hatch.

Perfect for immitating not only bunker but herring, shad and other large-profile baitfish species, these jigs have proven their worth from Raritan Bay to Montauk Point and right on up the coast. Eight inches long and weighing 4-oz., they provide an irresistible target with enticing action that bass and other large predators simply can’t resist. Just as important, they feature heavy duty hardware – the kind that doesn’t fail even when testing the strength of a personal best. Simply drift over baitfish schools while continuously lifting and dropping the spoon to create natural flutter action and provoke big-time strikes. Price: $24.99.  

Wolf Pack Trolling Lures:

Wolf Pack Tackle Ahi Heads and Ahi Tails keep growing in popularity amongst Long Island’s offshore fans and are considered among the top swimming offshore head and tail combos available. Whether trolling with a real ballyhoo or Wolfpack Ahi Tail, the weighted keel and ballyhoo stabilizer keeps this lure perfectly upright and moving naturally. Designed to be modular and durable, their interchangeable silicon head covers remove the need to worry about the lure being damaged or banging against your fiberglass stern or gunwale. The welded-on silicon eyes mean there’s no glue to fail or paint to chip. The hair is attached to a removable metal collar, which allows you to replace damaged strands and create unique lure color combinations.

WolfPack Tackle Ahi Heads form a perfect duo with the Ahi Tails. The tail and head include a unique locking ‘snap fit’ mechanism to make rigging a breeze, and ballyhoo fishing a thing of the past for Dads who prefer to go strictly artificial.

Ahi Heads are available in seven colors and sizes 1oz, 2oz, 3.5oz and 5.5 oz. Ahi Tails come in sizes 7.5” (use with 1- and 2-oz sizes only), and 9.5”. Price: Ahi Heads: $18.99 to $27.99; Ahi Tails: $11.99 - $21.99.

Jigging World Onyx Inshore Casting Rods:

Designed specifically for boat jigging and bottom fishing, Jigging World’s new Onyx series casting rods provide maximum performance, can take a beating and look great. Combining superior strength with awesome sensitivity, there are models to cover any local inshoure species like fluke, black sea bass, blackfish and stripers, in addition to snowbird species like redfish, snapper and grouper if you head south for the winter. Impressively affordable considering their high-quality carbon fibre construction and design, they come in 7’ and 7’6” lengths,  with line-weight ranges ranging from 15 – 30 lbs. to 30 - 65 lbs. Note that Onex also makes superior inshore spinning jigging rods as well. Price: From $99.99.

Yo-Zuri Mag Darters: Undoubtedly one of the top producers of all time for striper fans, Yo-Zuri’s Mag Darter has long been considered a shortcut to super striper action. Featuring a thin profile that matches multiple baitfish species in our waters, it features a Magnetic Weight Transfer System that allows anglers to cast further and cover more water, super-strong hooks and strainless steel split rings, plus a tough and durable ABS resin body. 

Especially productive when cast and retrieved slowly, the Mag Darter’s inverted cupped face really moves the water as it’s unique lip design helps it dig quickly into the current with an erratic underwater darting motion. That built-in action means all anglers have to do is retrieve it slowly with no extra manipulation needed to turn the heads of predators on the prowl. Surf casters, jetty jocks and shore fishermen will especially appreciate this lure’s ability to cast far and straight even in a stiff breeze. Available in 16 eye-catching patterns, it comes in 4-1/8”, 5” and 6-1/2” sizes. Price: $14.99 to $17.99.


Spro Bucktail Jigs: A long-time favorite of fluke and sea bass fans, we’ve got two styles to help you scratch-up a limit. Spro Prime bucktail jigs sport a uniquely shaped eyelet and placement designed to provide a gliding motion that keeps the body parallel with the sea floor providing a profile flatfish can’t ignore. Featuring durable, super-sharp Gamakatsu hooks and fish-catching colors, they are perfect for shallow water fishing or even use on hi-low rigs in nearshore waters. Available in seven color patterns, they come in sizes ranging from ¼ to 8 ozs. Price $4.99 - $14.49.

Designed to mimic all sorts of prey including squid, shrimp and small baitfish, Spro Squidtail Jigs are skirted for super life-like action, get to the bottom quickly, and react sharply to the slightest twitch of the rod. Attractive not only to fluke but to virtually any type of gamefish, they come in seven sizes ranging from ¼-oz. to 3 oz. and four color patterns. Work smaller sizes over flats and along channel edges. Select bigger sizes for inlet and ocean fishing or as the bottom hook on a hi-low rig intended for fluke or sea bass. 

Price: $3.99 - $6.49.

Tube Tail and Plain Single-Hook Diamond Jigs:

With weakfish especially abundant this year, small diamond jigs are back in vogue. Ava 27s offer the perfect profile to imitate bay anchovies, silversides, sand eels and similar sleek baitfish species that the yellowtails relish. Slim yet heavy enough to slice through the current and get down to your target, all you have to do is drop them to the bottom, crank up about ten turns, and repeat. Set the hook on the slightest tap or bump and you’re rod should instantly take on a heavy bend. In addition to catching unicorns, you’ll find stripers, blues, sea bass and big porgies all willing to inhale these jigs. Available with nine tube tail colors. For diamond jigs with plain single hooks, the 2-oz. size is ideal. 

Price: $3.99 for tube tails; $2.99 for plain.

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